Boudoir Baby Falco.

Swapping Sass & Bide shopping sprees for Ralph Lauren rompers…

It’s been a while since my last post (blame the baby bakin’) and I REALLY don’t want The Style Formula to turn into a “Mummy Blog”, but, like it or not, the last nine months have been all about JJ (Josh Junior – NOT his actual name despite my husband’s requests) and I wanted to reveal my latest styling project – Boudoir Baby Falco!

“Slowing down” is not something I do well and tapering off my usual work commitments has been difficult BUT I have managed to find solace in the planning, prepping and styling of the baby’s room as well as obsessing over his official ‘lewk’ come D-Day (for those wondering, I’ve decided on a preppy, “Chuck Bass” style baby wardrobe).

It has taken a few months of research, sourcing and building (Josh, not so much me…) and we are still waiting on new curtains as well as some wall fixtures but we are officially packed and ready for Baby Falco to arrive!

With only a matter of weeks until JJ graces us with his presence, I am packing and re-packing his designer duds (Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Kenzo and Gucci to name a few – definitely taking after his Mum in the fashion department) as well as organising my hospital wardrobe (next blog post: how to look chic in pyjamas) and spending as much time as possible in our stylish little baby sanctuary while it still looks Insta-worthy… because I know this level of organisation and cleanliness isn’t going to last long!