From champagne-filled fashion events, designer heels and long hours at the office to double shot cappuccinos, maternity bras and Gilmore Girl marathons, there is no denying that my life has significantly changed…

Heading home from the hospital. A coffee pit stop was essential. 

Heading home from the hospital. A coffee pit stop was essential. 

No matter how much you Google (and I’m a prolific Googler), how many movies you watch (What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Father of the Bride 2 and Knocked Up – tick, tick and tick) or what anyone tells you (and they will tell you A LOT), nothing can truly prepare you for pregnancy or motherhood.

I found out I was pregnant in early February and all was bubbly, bright and beautiful… until the nauseous hit. From week 7 through to week 13, I experienced the world’s worst hangover (minus the epic celebration the night before). Constant nauseous, dizziness and only able to stomach Chicken Crimpy Shapes, Pringles or white bread, my first trimester was a tough one. Ironically this was also a very busy work period for me and I was unable to explain why I was napping in between style sessions or eating barbecue chips at 9am in the morning (typically you don’t reveal your pregnancy status until week 12).

Trimester Two came around and I had three blissful days of normalcy until the actual vomiting started. I won’t go into the gory details but I’d like to shout out to my BFF and business partner Allie Graham for suffering through long (and undoubtedly smelly) road trips during this special time as well as my many styling clients who were forced to reschedule at the last minute due to some untimely ‘episodes’ in the Westfield car park. Not fun, kids, not fun.

Week 17 eventually rolled around and the Morning Sickness began to subside, allowing me to FINALLY enjoy those special little pregnancy moments where baby kicks, coffee (I couldn’t stomach coffee from Week 7 – DEVASTATING!) and energy levels were re-introduced! I began running again; fruit and vegies were back on the menu; and a defined ‘bump’ was starting to appear and make it all worthwhile (that’s the ironic thing – you actually WANT to see a bump after the hard slog of the First Trimester!).

I was often told that the Second Trimester was the most enjoyable and I couldn’t agree more. After a solid 4 months of feeling unwell, not only does your physical strength diminish, your mental health does too so it was a relief to feel a little like the ‘old Annabel’ again.

In my Third Trimester I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, which had to be controlled by a strict diet (cruel, just plain cruel), medication, daily blood tests AND Insulin injections. Somewhere between my hectic work schedule and now weekly OB check ups I was also diagnosed with Influenza A and was forced to spend my last few weeks of pregnancy in bed… with a bowl of veggies.

Wednesday October 19th finally rolled around and our handsome little man was born at 7:39am via caesarean at the Mater Private Hospital. I won’t go into all of the gory details but the whole experience could not have been more perfect. Oscar Alexander Falco’s entrance into the world was filled with smiles, family and lots of cuddles and I truly wish I could relive that special day all over again! Epidural and all!

Mummy Essentials: stretchy pants, coffee and a husband to take flattering photos of you.

Mummy Essentials: stretchy pants, coffee and a husband to take flattering photos of you.

As much as I would like to divulge my experience with motherhood thus far, the last 6 weeks have been a blur of feeding, burping, changing diapers and singing nursery rhymes (or what we can remember of them…most of the time I am singing Yeezy to him because they are the only lyrics I know…) and it doesn’t quite make for an exciting blog post.

I will say, however….

  • Yes I’m sleep deprived… but you get used to it and there’s plenty of coffee to help.
  • No the spew and poop isn’t that bad (or smelly).
  • Maternity bras suck. End of story.
  • Oscar is living proof that a baby can never have enough clothes – every single item of clothing has been worn and photographed thank you VERY much.
  • Breastfeeding is weird at first but it gets better, SO much better.
  • Have someone help with the cooking and vacuuming and your life will be complete.
  • If you wear a cloth over your shoulder for 90% of the day you CAN avoid spew on your clothes. 
  • 4:30am starts are made much easier when waking to this…
I mean...

I mean...

Bring on Baby Falco #2