All About the “Investment”.

What to spend your money on and when a splurge just isn’t necessary.

I am no stranger to the "Investment Piece”.  I was gifted a Louis Vuitton travel bag for my 21st birthday (thank you to my dear friends and family) and I haven’t looked back since.

In those seven or so years, I have purchased a Louis Vuitton speedy tote, Givenchy tote bag, 4 pairs of Louboutins, Marc Jacobs ballet flats and, most recently, I became the proud owner of the coveted Valentino Rock Stud flat.

Now, you will notice a pretty pattern here: shoes and bags have been my chosen Investments over the years and I truly believe these are the best value for money for a number of reasons…

While I would NEVER say no to a Chloe blouse or Balmain skirt if gifted to me, I can’t guarantee that a) I will remain this current size forever (here’s hoping though…) and b) that these pieces will remain relevant over the next seven years.

Shoes and bags (and blazers – I will ALWAYS condone the purchasing of a Balmain blazer!) will be your safest bet when breaking out the Amex (and into a sweat) as these pieces will last the test of trends and time, as well as work with your body shape and size… despite the fact you ate your body weight in Easter Eggs…

Always take time to consider, research, consult and test-try potential Investments as you want to be 100% committed before adding to your cart. On average, I generally research (aka start hinting to my husband) at least one year before I buy and this ensures it isn’t just a trend or phase I am going through.

I always recommend physically seeing a designer item before taking the plunge – whilst luxury accessories are always of the utmost quality, I like to feel the leather/ stitching/ size/ weight of an item plus it always serves to try an item on first to ensure it suits you and your lifestyle.

As far as Investment accessories go, I think it is always best to stick with neutral colours (black, white, tan) and classic shapes where possible and always opt for a patent option as this is the most durable leather.

When it comes to "Savings" you can’t beat the High Street market for its’ statement jewellery or fashion where a $150 Seed dress; $40 Cotton On boyfriend jean; or $20 Glassons tee will always look #onpoint when accessorized with a Louis.

Happy “Investing” readers! x