The Marriott #staycation.

Why holidaying in your own city should be on The Bucket List.

Talk about a dream scenario… sleep ins, room service, movie marathons, naps, a good book, high tea, long showers and a seafood buffet. I don’t know about you, but this is pretty close to my idea of heaven.

Such was our #staycation at the devine Marriott Hotel in Brisbane last weekend.

With only four months left until Baby Falco arrives, it was decided that a ‘Baby Moon’ was in order where bulk napping was of top priority. Flying and road-tripping were out of the question (for obvious reasons) so we decided to ‘vacation’ in our home town of Brisbane… and what a decadent decision this turned out to be!

Affectionately named the #staycation, our ‘holiday’ was everything a holiday should be. Relaxing, indulgent and carefree, where leaving the actual premises (or bed for that matter…) was purely optional.

The pleasure of ‘checking in’ into your own city requires no schedule, alarm clock, bus pass or city map. You’ve seen the sights; you’ve tried the food; you’ve mastered the museums… a #staycation removes all guilt and encourages a lazy demeanour.

The Brisbane Marriott was the perfect choice for ‘lazy’ with an indulgent menu of valet parking, high tea, spa, heated pool, executive lounge and restaurant/ bar all within elevator’s reach. The added combination of old-world luxury and impeccable service was simply the cherry on top of what was a perfect weekend.

In what was the ultimate twist of fate, Brisbane’s weather turned it on with a spectacular display of torrential rain that only heightened our hibernation and ensured our movie-marathons were extra cosy.

If only all holidays were this relaxing…