The Game Changer.

Why a faux fur scarf is all you need this Winter.

There’s no denying my love of faux fur. From bold, fur bomber jackets through to luxurious, ankle-skimming coats, my wardrobe is brimming with animal-inspired fashions that take ANY outfit from good to glam.

As the Winter chill sets into Brisbane (and my baby bump continues to grow and grow and grow), my pregnancy Game Plan was to add to my ever-growing collection of faux fur jackets to disguise my ever-growing waist line. After a healthy Instagram stalk-session, I stumbled across the impossibly chic accessory label Ida Faux Fur… and the even MORE impossibly chic designer, India Rose.


Never has grocery shopping/ grabbing a coffee with girlfriends/ office meetings/ dinner with the husband looked so chic! And all it takes is the addition of a faux fur scarf.

Ida faux fur is the missing ingredient to everyone’s wardrobe. As a stylist, I am often asked “what is the secret to looking stylish?” and these glamorous accessories do just the trick.

Take this shoot for example: I pulled jeans, basic tees, crisp white shirts, leather pants and some heels. Pretty standard. Pretty unimpressive. Add an Ida faux fur scarf and we’ve got ourselves an epic and Insta-worthy outfit.

I hate doing these blog shoots at the best of times but these scarves made the experience almost pleasurable where a multitude of lumps, bumps, creases, wrinkles and spills are cleverly hidden from the public eye… and harsh camera lens!

Swapping my faux jackets for faux scarves has upped my everyday fashion game where a simple morning coffee run is turned into a glamorous affair. Layered with denim by day and belted with a bodycon by night, Ida Faux Fur is my hot little secret to looking chic everyday of the week.

@idafauxfur Designer India Rose

@idafauxfur Designer India Rose

Faux Fur Styling with Ida Designer (and ultimate ‘Yummy Mummy’), India Rose.

Why are faux fur scarves a better investment then full-on fur vests/ coats or material scarf options?

The long length of our faux fur fabric gives you more warmth and glamour then the typical scarf. Winter is all about layers and a scarf is the ultimate finishing touch. An Ida scarf is more versatile then a coat or vest - it can be worn with literally anything from street wear, to evening and even with gym gear (I’m a Mum so Ida and active wear is my uniform).

Talk me through the different styling techniques for Ida fur scarves.

The beauty about Ida is that it can be worn in SO many different ways. How you wear a piece is such a personal thing. If you’re tall I think the Milla scarf looks amazing worn long. For those on the shorter side (like myself), the Milla looks fabulous wrapped around the neck. Draping the Milla around your shoulders and teaming it with evening wear looks so chic. The same versatility applies to all of our other styles.

 For those wanting to brave a pop of colour, how would you style the hot pink faux fur scarf?

When I first stumbled across the pink faux fur it was love at first sight. I am a neutral girl at heart but when colour is done the right way it can be amazing! I think the pink looks best when styled with denim or khaki, which is a huge trend this season. Winter can be so gloomy so why not stand out amongst a sea of grey and black with some hot pink fluff. Pink is such a girly colour and, while I’m far from a “girly girl”, it’s always fun to wear a pop of pink! 

 Do you have a favourite Ida scarf?

My favourite piece changes depending on the weather and what my week looks like…the days where I am running after my toddler I find myself reaching for the Pixie scarf and teaming it with my active wear!  

I have really been feeling this cold weather so I am loving the extra length of the Milla scarf. I like being able to really wrap myself up. 

In terms of my favourite colours, I am obsessed with all of my two tone scarves. They have that “wow” factor.