About Facial.

My quest for perfect skin takes me to Jurlique…

Image: jurlique.com.au

Image: jurlique.com.au

Good skin. You can’t beat it. No matter how good your hair, outfit or shoes, if you’re not comfortable in your own skin, the whole look falls apart.

Upon turning thirteen, I remember my mother taking me (and my sisters when they came ‘of age’) to David Jones for skin consultations and a spend up on all things moisturising, cleansing, toning and brightening. Without a shadow of doubt, I can ensure you that I have religiously cleansed, toned, moisturized and eye creamed every morning and night since that day.

I am no stranger to facials, scrubs and facemasks, and even started regularly seeing a Dermatologist in the 18 month lead up to my wedding.

Yes. I take my skin seriously.

A day in the life of my skin care routine. Image: jurlique.com.au

A day in the life of my skin care routine. Image: jurlique.com.au

This OCD approach to skincare HAS granted me a relatively blemish-free epidermis… that is, of course, until I fell pregnant. Hello hormones! Another epic pregnancy symptom to add to the list…

After much research (and Benzac cream), I decided to take my case to the specialists at Jurlique where products such as Lavender Hydrating Mist, Wrinkle Softening Cream and Nutri Define Superior Retexturising Facial Serum had me salivating.

A quick call to the Westfield Carindale Jurlique team and I was booked in for the “Mum to Be” Facial and Massage treatment. Bring. It. On.

I was greeted by the lovely Jo (as well as a chamomile tea and a spritz of Revitalising Blend Aromatherapy Mist) and ushered into a chic little room with cute floral wallpaper (a must when getting a facial… obviously), burning candles and soft music.

I was tucked into a cocoon of blankets and treated to a delicious 30 minute Swedish massage before the real work began.

I’ll leave Jo to explain the EXACT science and process behind my blissful hour facial (see below) but a few serums here, a massage there, a puff of hot air here, a muslin wrap there and a final mist of some delicious smelling concoction later, I arose to plump, perfect skin.

Unlike other facial treatments I have experienced, the Jurlique team ensured each serum, scrub and step was suitable for me and my specific skincare needs, making for a unique and ‘tailor-made’ service. From selecting certain scents through to my personal skin worries (“Wrinkles – get rid of them please!”), Jo worked her Jurlique magic to not only diagnose my skin problems, but rectify them.

From the décor and service through to the expertise and precision of formulas and application, my Jurlique facial was an experience to remember… and I have impeccable skin to prove it!

The Jurlique Facial Process: with Jo

1.     All facials begin with the Jurlique ritual of ‘Misting’ providing an aromatherapy that begins to instill a calm, relaxing atmosphere followed by 2 cleanses - one that uses our deep cleansing brushes.

2.     Next a skin analysis under a magnifying light is essential to customizing the most effective skin treatment for each client’s individual needs.

3.     Compressions (muslin cloths soaked in water infused with Jurlique’s hydrating essences) are applied to the face, neck and décolletage to soften and loosen surface dead skin cells, preparing for the next step of Exfoliation.

4.     A 15minute massage of the face, neck and décolletage that not only provides lymphatic stimulation for the health of the skin, but soothe and releases tension held in the muscles of the face, neck and décolletage.

5.     One of our beautiful masks is applied while an exfoliation and moisturizer is applied to both hands and arms.

6.     A serum, moisturizer and eye cream are applied then finished with another beautiful ‘Misting’.

7.     A post consultation is provided with a cup of our herbal tea (from our farm) where the client is assisted in any skin care purchase for her home skin care ritual.

Facial Mythbusters

True or False: You will break out after a facial?

In my experience as a Beauty Therapist, breakouts may occur in a congested skin after a deep cleanse facial. Clients with a normal to dry or combination skin do not normally result in breakouts after a professional facial. I have provided facials for brides in the same week as their wedding and on the same morning as their wedding without a breakout in sight.

True or False: You should avoid facials if you are on acne medication or have very sensitive skin?

When a skin is very sensitive or on acne medication a facial can benefit - providing a treatment that cleanses and exfoliates gently plus soothes by calming a red and inflamed skin. For the client with acne I have found they also benefit emotionally as they feel better about their skin.

True or False: You can't have a facial whilst pregnant? 

Yes you can have a facial whilst pregnant. The Beauty Therapist’s at Jurlique are trained to avoid using certain essential oils and pressure points. 

True or False: At home facials are just as good as professional facials?

Home facials are a wonderful way to look after your skin, however the impact of a professional treatment (particularly the use of more potent products for results and of course the benefits of a beautiful massage) can’t compare with home treatments.