Getting Intimate with Intimo Lingerie.

What really goes on in a bra fitting…



Fact: I HATE my boobs. They’re big, they don’t look good in strapless dresses and pretty lace bras don’t fit them.

Since puberty, I have been super self-conscious about my upper-half and have spent a good portion of my life (probably why I became a stylist in the first place) trying to hide them… and I have to say, I’ve become VERY good at it.

Despite my bigger bust, I’ve managed to avoid a proper bra fitting and people throwing measurements and ‘sizes’ at me (let’s face it, a grade of “G” is not good at school OR in the dressing room).

That is, until now…

I was approached by the lovely team at Intimo who, not only dazzled me with their luxurious lingerie look books filled with soft, sorbet shades of lace, nude contoured cups and pretty delicates; but impressed me with their desire to make women feel beautiful from the basics up. A sentiment I can very much relate to as a personal stylist…

It wasn’t until they introduced me to the even lovelier Carys that I signed myself up for the dreaded formal bra fitting.

Calm, cool and “seen it all before”, Carys was anything but formal – and I loved that. Her approach to undergarments and women’s bodies in general was unbiased, unprejudiced and informed and everything discussed was done so in the privacy of my own home, and with the offer of champagne, coffee or sweets. Yes. Please.

Not a measuring tape or ruler in site, Carys was able to take my insecurities and needs, and offer up a selection of perfectly suited bras that worked for my body, budget and lifestyle.

I’m sure you can all relate when I tell you the worst part of any fitting or shopping experience is dealing with sizing – and we all (including myself) need to get over it! No “one size” defines us or our body. My wardrobe is filled with a myriad of numbers ranging from 4’s through to Extra Large and, at the end of the day, I’ll go with whatever makes me look and feel amazing. I’ll wear a size 24N bra if it makes my boobs look Blake Lively’s.

The Style Formula Favourite, Christine Centenera

The Style Formula Favourite, Christine Centenera

In under 20 minutes, I was fitted, sorted and supported by the incredible Carys and her Intimo selection and the whole experience was – dare I say it – enjoyable!

For those readers who want to minimise, support, enhance, shape, contour or balance their lady lumps (and I’m assuming you fall into at least one of these categories!), I highly recommend Carys’s personalised and professional service which comes with a side of sass and #girltalk. The fact you get to take home beautiful and bespoke lingerie is simply the cherry on top of the stylish and satisfying sundae.

@carys.martin can be contacted via phone 0416 776 075 or email and if you use the code word “ANNABEL” you will receive free shipping on your next Intimo purchase.

Boob Talk

Whether you want to enhance or hide, below are some helpful tips to making the most of your décolletage…

Tips for Minimising:

  • V-neck Tops
  • Avoid chokers or pendant necklaces
  • Keep tops simple and structured
  • Opt for button-down shirts with one pocket
  • Supportive bras in simple fabrics with thick straps

Tips for Enhancing:

  • Ruffles, pleats and pintucks will add volume for those who need it
  • Opt for button-down shirts with double pockets
  • Double breasted or cropped jackets
  • Off the-shoulder tops in lightweight fabrics (linen/ cotton etc.)
  • Padded or push up bras