How to: Look Younger WITHOUT Wearing More Make Up.

Forget the concealer and put down the foundation – flawless and pore-less skin is only a retinol oil away! 


For those who missed my last blog post (read here to catch up!), a few weeks ago I treated myself to a Westfield Chermside shopping day, which ended in quite the Mecca Maxima haul…

2017 is my last year as a “20 something” so the past 9 months have been about facials, masks, serums, skincare routines and 3 litres of water a day in an effort to slow the ageing process.

While my skin was looking good, it wasn’t looking GREAT and the wrinkles on my forehead were still quite prominent. I was only a peel away from trialling the big, bad Botox when Josh politely suggested I give skincare another crack (aka he asked how much will it cost and then followed it up with a “hell no”).

After much research and Insta-stalking, it became apparent there were 3 key products that promised to reduce wrinkles and allow my skin to glow without the need for heavy-duty cover ups:

  • Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil $154

  • By Terry Lumi Serum $124

  • Mecca Max Bring On Bright Illuminating Primer  $20


Now, for someone who doesn’t bat an eyelid when purchasing a Gucci t-shirt, you would think that a 30ml facial oil priced at$154 wouldn’t bother me. I did hold my breath and refuse the receipt upon purchasing (who wants to be reminded!?) but after 4 weeks of solid use, I can confidently say these new found friends have not only transformed my skin, but completely changed my beauty game. 

I no longer wear foundation. I have no need to highlight. I gave away my bronzers. HALLELUJAH I’m free! Who knew a spend up at the Mecca counter was exactly what my skin AND life needed. When you have an 11 month old who loves to “help” Mummy get ready in the mornings, your beauty regime is often performed at lightening speed (and with a little drool on your beauty blender) so efficient products are a must. The fact that my skin is living its best life AND I’ve managed to halve my beauty routine: Mecca take my money!


It all starts with the Sunday Riley Luna Oil… As promised, the product took a while to come in to effect but after 3 weeks of solid use my skin has NEVER looked better.  It’s almost as if I have been airbrushed. My complexion is smooth and even; the texture of my skin is incredible; and my forehead wrinkles have significantly diminished.  

Three to four drops on top of a light layer of moisturiser and your skin will respond. Just remember to stock up on sunscreen – I purchased this one and it doesn’t feel, smell or look like sunscreen #winning.

Retinol is the only scientifically proven ingredient shown to reduce the signs of aging and my skin is the proof. Worth. Every. Penny.


With a renewed confidence in my own skin, the By Terry Lumi Serum has replaced my foundation where just a light layer will leave me looking bronzed and even. Described as a “colour-correcting” serum, the product does just that and more, creating the appearance of a sun-kissed complexion rather than a “covered” complexion. This cult beauty product is often sold out so I’ll be buying in bulk from here on in.


Last, but certainly not least, the Mecca Max Illuminator… a little tube of heaven! My beauty goal is always to look naturally beautiful. I want people to think I literally “just woke up like this” and the Bring On Bright Illuminator is the secret. Just a small amount of the product applied post-By Terry Serum leaves my skin looking luminous. It’s lightweight both in texture and price and if the gorgeously glowing Mecca sales assistant swears by it then who am I to argue?

So there it is – the secret to my skin. With the addition of three key products, I have been able to downsize and restructure my beauty drawer so that I am using less on my face but putting more into my skin. Like they say in the fashion world, it’s all about “quality not quantity” and it seems this sentiment rings true here also.