Operation Yummy Mummy.

A kilo of almond croissants later, it’s time to put down the pastry and relocate my abs…

Blame it on the Gestational Diabetes, but I’ve definitely made up for lost time (and sugar) since Mini Mr Falco entered the world. Chocolate, ice cream, pasta and white bread have been a firm favourite in the Falco household for the past three months and my wardrobe hasn’t thanked me for it. The time has come to get fit and healthy again and I’m going to share this journey with you - my theory is that if I share this with my readers, I’ll be forced to stay true to my word!

I’m a goal-orientated kind of gal and work out much more effectively with an end point in mind. I’m not talking kilograms or centimetres but kilometres and muscle tone! I used to be a runner and managed to keep this healthy habit up until 7 months pregnant, however, it’s been a while since I‘ve hit the pavement and a 3km run seems very daunting at this point. With the City to South 14km run approaching in June, I have 4 months to reclaim my running legs!

Now pregnancy does A LOT to your body and my core strength, muscles and stomach just aren’t what they used to be. Having delivered via Caesarean, it is important that I re-enter the fitness world appropriately and steadily so I have enlisted the help of Body Smart Pilates who have recently added Pregnancy and Post-natal classes to their schedule.

Pre and Post-natal Pilates is one of the best ways of teaching optimal pelvic floor function (the key muscles involved during delivery), as well as ensuring a full recovery during the post-natal period. Conducted and supervised by Pilates trained Exercise Physiologists, the Body Smart team have tailored their programs to my specific needs to ensure I reach my end goal both quickly and safely. With an initial one-on-one consultation and class sizes no bigger than 6 attendees, each session feels like a personal one.

Many women feel a lot of pressure to get back into shape quickly (me included), but in the early stages after giving birth - whether you had a caesarean or a 'natural' birth - the most important thing to remember is to be kind to your body and allow it time to recover. 

After a lovely 3 month rest, I am most definitely ready to get moving again!

I’ll check in again at the “One Month Mark” to update you on my fitness journey - hopefully my combination of running and post-natal Pilates will help me regain my fitness and pre-pregnancy body asap!