Life Update: #BusyAF.

If looking after an 8 month old baby wasn’t hectic enough, let’s add a high profile/ pressure job to the mix and garnish with a collaboration or two!

Sass & Bide Style Week Fashion Shoot - Sophia Aarons photography

Sass & Bide Style Week Fashion Shoot - Sophia Aarons photography

I’m a “yes” girl. My Dad always said the minute you start saying “no”, you stop growing and learning so, from a young age, I’ve always put my hand up for extra homework, taken on more responsibility, pushed myself to do better and jumped at any opportunities (no matter how difficult or scary) that came my way.

All of those years of hard work and “yess-ing” have paid off and I am at a point in my career where I consistently work with incredible and nationally recognised brands, designers, creatives, models and photographers in some pretty spectacular locations.

I’ve recently taken on the title of Fashion Editor and Stylist for Newscorp’s Q Weekend and Brisbane News magazines (a dream since I was a little girl) where I produce weekly fashion shoots and flat lays for both titles. Each week is a blur of model bookings, location scouting, fashion pulls, fashion returns, late night emails (while the baby sleeps), many trips to the post office and Pinterest-ing.

I am still working as a stylist for Westfield Queensland with Personal Style Sessions booked in most weekends (click here if you’re looking to update your Winter Wardrobe or hit the Mid-year sales!) and the occasional new season launch, campaign, event or film project. There are a few more exciting Westfield jobs in the pipeline this month so #watchthispace for some amazing shoots and blog posts.

This year I was also lucky enough to partner with one of my FAVOURITE Australian labels, Sass & Bide, for their last two season launches and Style Week’s where I worked exclusively with their VIP’s and regular clientele to introduce the new collection and curate their (already enviable) wardrobes accordingly.

Ironically enough, these incredible opportunities have come at an already busy time where my favourite job of all, “Mummy”, is a full-time occupation in its’ own right!

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to both work and be a Mum and this is possible thanks to my incredible support team: my own Mother who is the ultimate babysitter and chef when it comes to Oscar (her mashed chicken and vegetables is legendary); my husband who takes on more than his share of cleaning and cooking; my Dad, sisters and in-laws who jump on a plane/ car whenever times are tough and who supply me with food, cuddles and compliments when I need them. Oscar also gets a shout out for being an A+ baby: sleeping 6:30pm – 6:30am people! #winning

It was my New Year’s Resolution to blog and write more this year and, while I haven’t been able to keep up with a post a week, I will endeavour to keep you all fashionably informed, starting with the below visual diary of what I’ve been purchasing, what I’ve been wearing, what I’ve been working on and, of course, a little #babyspam!

Enjoy x 

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