How to: Look Slimmer in Clothes.

What do women want? To eat carbs and still fit into their skinny jeans.

V-neck - tick. Belt - tick. Cuffed - tick. Chocolate with my morning coffee - tick. 

V-neck - tick. Belt - tick. Cuffed - tick. Chocolate with my morning coffee - tick. 

Well fashion friends, this article is here to help with your (superficial) wardrobe needs…

Every style session is the same – it’s the reason I have a job! Women want to look and feel good about themselves when they wear clothes and, unfortunately, most women find themselves depressed, stressed and disheartened when a full day of shopping results in zero purchases and a multitude of new body anxieties.

A stylist is there to equip you with the tools and knowledge to ensure each trip to the dressing room results in the satisfactory swipe of a credit card. When you are aware of your complimentary colours, cuts, trends and styling techniques that suit your body and budget, shopping becomes more than just a chore… it can become a (sometimes expensive but OH so worth it) hobby.

With the simple cuff of a hemline; the addition of a belt; or a deep V-neckline, clothes become your friend where legs lengthen, waists cinch and busts expand. One of my favourite quotes to pass on to a client is:

“It’s all smoke and mirrors”

… and this couldn’t be more accurate or exciting…

Fashion is your daily armour and is meant to empower and inspire you. Each store is stocked with a myriad of various styles, colours, prints, shapes and accessories to ensure you are highlighting your best assets and cleverly disguising those body parts you’re not so keen on.

Below are my top purchases and styling tricks that will have you looking 3kgs slimmer without stepping foot on a treadmill.

You’re welcome! x

The ‘V’ Neckline

It’s that simple. Want to look taller and slimmer? Wear a deep ‘V’ neckline. The angled expanse of skin lengthens the body and creates an alluring hint of cleavage. Double Tick. Crisp shirts, simple tees, dresses and singlets should mimic this shape as much as possible as they will ensure you look your best every time you step out the door.

Angled Stripes

I love myself a stripe but every clients’ reaction is the same: “won’t this make me look wide?” NO! It’s not the stripe that makes you look big, it’s the cut of the garment. Angles are your saviour as they create the illusion of banging curves. Look for actual angled stripes or opt for a striped garment with structure and natural contours (i.e. graduated hemlines, peplum structures, pockets etc.).

Structured Dresses/ Wrap Dresses

We can thank Diane Von Furstenberg and Leone Edmiston for this one. The humble Wrap Dress is a stylist’s dream with this cut designed to suit and compliment every (and I mean EVERY) body shape and size. The deep V-neckline is further enhanced by a ‘wrap’ belt that elegantly draws the eye to the side of your waist. Finishing off with a swinging hemline that skirts around your knees or ankles, this dress is a welcome optical illusion that fuses both fashion and comfort.

Tan Sandal/ Heel

Forget diamonds - tan or nude shoes are a girl’s best friend! Selecting a shade that is closest to your natural skin colour will provide optimum results as the shoe ‘blends’ into your leg, creating the illusion of longer pins. Avoid ankle straps where possible and a pointed toe will only further aid your situation.

The Art of ‘Cuffing’

So chic and so flattering! All stylists encourage ‘the cuff’ as this nifty trick alludes to your waist (the smallest part of a women’s body) and highlights slim wrists and forearms. From fitted shirts through to bulky jackets, rolling or cuffing your sleeves is a great way to impart an ‘effortless’ vibe where corporate pieces immediately seem more casual. Ditto for jeans and pants. Cuff the bottom 2 inches of tailored trousers and your overall body shape transforms from daggy to dainty.


Belts fall into the ‘smoke and mirrors’ category where the simple addition of this accessory can draw the eye away from unfavourable body parts to those more deserving of attention. If you have a small waist and a delectable décolletage (Hour Glass and Pear Shape figures), polish off dresses, high waisted skirts and tucked-in tees with a statement belt which will draw attention away from wide-set hips and hug your mini-middle. If your hips are the slimmest part of your body (Rectangle and Inverted Triangle figures), a thin belt tied around low-rise jeans or hip-hugging palazzo pants will do just the trick.