How To: Pack like a Stylist.

The essentials, the process and the outcome…

I’m heading to Bryon today for a girlfriend’s wedding and, after receiving a few ‘packing’ questions from clients, I thought I would share my (lengthy) packing process with you all and divulge a few styling tips and tricks to help you look stylish on your next trip.

Now, for those of you who know me well, ‘spontaneity’ is not a word I use lightly when it comes to outfit planning. In fact, one of my last jobs for the night is prepping my outfit for the next day. On a good week, I’ll have all seven Monday – Sunday outfits pre-planned including potential hair and make up looks. I kid you not.

Not only does Outfit Planning ensure my ensembles are clean and ironed, but it also allows me to tackle each day without the added stress of “What Am I Going to Wear”. The answer to the age old “I have nothing to wear” wardrobe conundrum? Outfit Planning. Have a blazer/ maxi skirt/ trouser/ ballet flat/ scarf that never sees the light of day? Outfit Planning. Wardrobe organisation, pre-planning and rotation is the key to looking chic, polished and professional whether your day involves major meetings or park dates.

Now to packing for vacation…

You can only imagine the prep that goes into this! I usually start to plan outfits a good three weeks ahead of my trip and start ‘shelving’ those fashion items so they seem ‘new’ and fresh by the time my trip rolls around.

Planning this far ahead also allows me to check seams, stitching, shoe soles, sizes and have repairs and alterations done ahead of time. I can also see accessory gaps relatively easily and ensure that all necessary items are purchased before I leave town.

Opt for materials that don’t require too much maintenance (linen and silk are not your friend…) and patterns and prints are both festive AND genius for hiding road-trip wrinkles or spills.

Depending on your destination, Basics (see previous blog article) should take up the majority of your suitcase where a jacket, LBD and simple tee will cater for all occasions.

Accessories are a great way to add flavour to your holiday wardrobe and this is where we can really have some fun.

It is rare that I will break out a statement necklace or chandelier earring in Brisbane but, on holiday, my jewellery is larger than life and piled high. Bangles are stacked, cocktail rings are oversized, necklaces are layered and scarves are given a solid work out (wrap them in your hair, around your neck or tie around your handbag strap – the choice is yours!).

When it comes to shoes, comfort is key… and I RARELY say that! Forget your most uncomfortable heels and pack your trusty ‘dancing shoes’ that can withstand cobblestone/ sand/ grass. Holidays are a time for your flats to shine and, similar to your ‘jewellery-drobe’, the bigger, brighter and bolder the better. Leopard print, pom poms, sequins, straps, studs or metallic, a statement flat is your ultimate travel companion.

When it comes to the actual packing process, rolling your garments is the best option as this increases suitcase space whilst decreasing your chance of wrinkles. Stuff scarves into hats and jewellery into shoes to make the most of your 21kg/boot space limit and, where possible, pack shoes into their fabric shoe bags to prevent stains or spills.

As soon as I reach my destination, I like to unpack completely and hang all items up (the sooner they are hanging, the less likely you will need to iron) and lay out all accessories and shoes. Ahhhhhh NOW I feel at home…

So there you have it – an OCD stylist’s process to wardrobe planning and packing that will ensure every holiday photo taken is ‘Instagram worthy’.

Keep an eye on my Instagram (@annabelfalco) for my Bryon outfit posts and say a prayer for my husband who has to spend his entire holiday taking photos of me… THANKS JOSH!


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